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Donna Bays

I am a competitive racer trapped in the body of a very slow runner. LOL!! I started running in 2004 to improve my health and quickly fell in love with the movement. The feeling of accomplishment and power I get from running is very satisfying and the hours spent with my running friends and community is extremely rewarding.

I love helping runners reach their goals, whether it’s their first 5k or a 50k. I became a Road Runners Club of America certified coach in 2012 and have had the honor of helping hundreds of new and experienced runners cross the finish line.

It is my hope that through Real People Run I will be able to share my love of running with many more people for years to come.

Phil Whittemore

I’m a full-time pastor, part-time podcaster, and a reluctant runner.

I started running with my family in mind. I was overweight, diabetic, and had high blood pressure. I started running in August 2010 and was able to lower my weight (it’s still an up and down battle!), blood sugar, and blood pressure.

If it weren’t for improving my health with my family in mind, the chance to motivate others or to be motivated by others, and the opportunity to foster new friendships, I’d probably quit altogether. I’m incapable of running for myself.

My favorite race is anything with Ragnar Relay in the name (look it up, it’s a thing – ragnarrelay.com). 12 Friends + 2 Vans + 2 Days + 1 Night + 200 Mile Relay = Unforgettable Stories. In my opinion, there is no better running experience.

Real People Run is produced in Kingsport, Tennessee.